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Sunday, August 29, 2004
And here I am

28 days after my last post, here I am.

I don't know why I spent so many days without writing anything here. Maybe it was becauselately I've been more in a visual mood, wanting to draw, paint and photoshop more than the last few months. In which I have made very little images, by the way.

Not many interesting things have happened in these past few days. Work is alright, I'm getting used to it. As a matter of fact, even though the new job is harder physically than my usual marketing job, I feel like I'm working less. Maybe because this sales job doesn't require an awful lot of thinking. It's pretty simple. Or maybe because I'm alone most of the day, out on the street from one supermarket to another, and I don't have an annoying boss breathing on my neck. Anyway, I'm enjoying it. I feel relaxed, even though I'm nowhere near my sales objective this month.

So i've been wanting to paint more. The problem is that I need to learn more. And get better. I used to think I was pretty good (before the internet era), but now looking at some of the work on I realize that I suck.

This has been a lazy weekend. I have nothing to do, and I know these are the perfect chances to get down and draw, paint and practice more and more. But yet here I am doing nothing... *Yawn*

I'll be back on track on the creative thing. I need it.

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Sunday, August 01, 2004
It felt good

Last night I won third place in a PS contest.

Third place would normally suck, but it felt so good. So good because my time for creating images has significantly decreased. Mostly because the new job is sucking the life out of me, both physically and mentally. Last night's contest was the first I entered in a long time, so it felt good to win a small trophy.

I miss Worth, I miss the people, I miss the chat. But I always get home so tired that I have no time to create anything. That and also that I am not accessing Worth from work anymore, because I spend all day out in the street.

I am 19% away from achieving my sales volume objective for this month. My first month. Only one week to go and I see it as a real challenge. It's a big deal, the pressure is tough. I like the sales job, but it's so different from my usual marketing job. I miss the office, the air conditioning, and not having to interact with so many dumb people.

I hope I can enter more contests in the future, I need the creative therapy.

Posted by Wasabi @ 7:50 PM

My wife got LASIK eye surgery two days ago. She had a rough day after surgery, but now she is close to having super vision. It's funny how today she was just telling me about a cat she was seeing on top of the roof of a house that is more than a half a mile away from our window. Heh. Yeah, I still wear my glasses. It would be cool to get surgery too, but I have very little correction, so I don't qualify for it.

Other great things have happened this weekend. Today we made tom kha kai, which is fancy thai speak for chicken coconut soup. Mmm, mmm... We managed to make the soup even though we were missing two ingredients and the coconut milk we found had sugar, and it was supposed to be unsweetened for the soup to turn out right. But it was great anyway.

And in more food-related news, we bought tangerines the size of baseballs. Those hydroponic fruits are so huge they look like creatures out of a bad sci fi movie.

I wish I had more interesting things to write about... :P

Posted by Wasabi @ 7:24 PM

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