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Saturday, June 26, 2004
I can't think of a title

I finally got to see Kill Bill Vol. 2. What a masterpiece of a movie! QT is a genius. Beautiful movie, kick ass action, terrific plot, masterful cinematography. I can't wait for the DVD. I also read somewhere that there are rumours of a prequel and a possible sequel.

And in other news, I'm leaving for Aruba tomorrow. Aruba is nice, I've been there before. But nice and all, it's still a hot tropical island like the rest. The only Holland influence they have is the currency and the cheese. Presentations, parties, some work, food, all four days forced to spend quality time with my workmates. I see them every freaking day, why more?

So that's it, I'll be back next thursday...

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Wednesday, June 23, 2004
...and all that junk

I just finished cleaning up my office. Ok, cubicle. And well, more picking up my personal stuff than cleaning. What a pile of junk, I can't believe all the crap I've collected over two years in this hole.

I made three trips to my car to load boxes of papers, toys, and misc stuff that I don't have time to go through in detail right now.

It feels so weird.

Well, that's it for me here. When I come back from the convention, I'll begin my sales assignment of one year. I'll be out of the office all day every day. I won't be able to surf Worth throughout the day, only from home.


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The wall of Worth

Finally I managed to frame the prints of the Wasabi Family Portrait contest... I already posted these pics in Worth, but I like them so much I'm posting them here too.

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

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Monday, June 21, 2004

I don't like it either, but I'm dry out of ideas.

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My obscure holidays

As per Taz' blog update on how we should make June 21st a holiday, I came up with a list of my own too. These can be for the remaining days of June:

June 21st: Insult your Boss Day - Your boss can't get mad when you insult them today, because today it's Insult your Boss Day.
June 22nd: Pee Out of the Urinal Day
June 23rd: Make a Prank Call Day
June 24th: Burp Freely Day
June 25th: Be Late for Work Day
June 26th: Pet a Tarantula Day
June 27th: Heavy Metal Day
June 28th: Don't Do Charity Work Day
June 29th: Lie to Everybody Day - I'm so looking forward to this one.
June 30th: Make a Useless List Day

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Friday, June 18, 2004
The post by the hour project: 3:00 pm

Two out of four presentations ready. The other two will be ready on monday, because it's time for me to leave.

Have a nice weekend, mystery readers!

Now playing: Aerosmith - Back Back Train (yes, again, I only brought three CDs to work today...)

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The post by the hour project: 2:00 pm

This post by the hour thing is making the day go faster. That's good!

I added Heather's mumbojumbogumbo blog to the links at the left. I enjoy Heather's writing a lot, and this new project is as good as her usual stuff. I liked the review of The Day After Tomorrow. Very cool, H!

I made a call to the store that's framing my parents' portrait, and aparently it will be ready today, as scheduled. I also gave them the illustrations of the Wasabi Family Portrait contest from w1k to get them framed (it was about time). But they won't be ready today, because the frames arrived yesterday and they won't be able to finish all the framings in time. But at least my dad's will be ok.

We are also giving my dad a new car stereo, which we bought between my mom, my brother and me and my wife. It's a super awesome Sony Explode stereo that also plays CD's with mp3's. Now I wish I had one like that :P.

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The post by the hour project: 1:00 pm

Of course this post is a little late, I just came back from lunch.

The sushi rolls were as good as usual. There was a lot of people at the sushi place, it's amazing how popular japanese food has become. That's good, because that means it'll take a long time before japanese restaurants go out of business. Maybe it's a fad, but at least I'm enjoying it while it's happening.

The highlight of my break: I bought Kill Bill on DVD. Damn I liked that movie, it's my favorite Tarantino film.

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The post by the hour project: 12:00 m

Well it's lunch time.

Out finance director, who is from Argentina, is leaving at the end of the month, back to his home country. There is a surprise farewell party today, and his secretary has been sending invitations and reminders by email. It's at 3:00 pm. YEsterday there were some rumours that it was obligatory and everybody had to go. Yuck. I wasn't going anyway, but luckily I found out that it's not obligatory. Good, because I enjoy my fridays with my wife, and I hate having my personal time stolen for office parties and stuff like that.

Well I'm off to lunch.

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The post by the hour project: 11:00 am

Nothing exciting has happened in the last hour.

Hmm... this post every hour thing is harder than I thought, at least if I want to make it interestig.

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The post by the hour project: 10:00 am

Today is friday, and I'm having lunch with my workmates in the food court of the mall across the street. It's only 10:00 am and we are already discussing what we are going to eat.

Having just a few days left at my current position has a lot of advantages. I'm receiving emails that I'm not even reading. Other people can handle it, I'm done, I only have to finish these presentations and that's it, I'm out of here.

The girl that sits next to me handles the complaints that arrive via our 800 number. She's telling me that a consumer called complaining about an aerosol with a leak on one side. Man, some people have nothing better to do that complain about shit like that? Well, let someone else handle it, I have some slacking to do.

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The post by the hour project: 9:00 am

In order to distract myself throughout the day, I came up with the idea of one post every hour, that will summarize the events of the day until 3:00 pm, when I leave.

So far it's looking pretty good. I have to continue working on the presentations for the Sales Convention that will take place in one week. That'll be four days of work and fun in Aruba. Sounds fun, yes, but it's not necessarily like that. When you have a schedule of presentations, meetings, and they tell you when and how you're allowed to have fun, it's not fun anymore. But what the hell, every year it's the same. This will be my fifth convention. The past conventions have been:

2000 - Margarita Island (Venezuela)
2001 - Punta Cana (Dominican Republic)
2002 - Cancun (Mexico)
2003 - Margarita Island (Venezuela)

I have a lot of work ahead, the marketing director wants all presentations finished by monday.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2004
I want to make the world a better place

Finally I found out what's wrong with the world:

There aren't enough people that are like me.

If people were more like me, the world would for sure be a better place.

If more people agreed with my opinions, we wouldn't have to argue as much as we do. Things would be done my way, because my way would be everybody's way. This would save time and money.

I need to start a be like me campaign. People would be happier, with less problems and they would concentrate on what's really important: being more like me. Because let's face it, I'm cool. I'm the role model the world needs.

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Monday, June 14, 2004
What lies ahead

Right now I'm in the middle of a meeting with the sales team I'll be working with starting July 1st.

I'm scared as a mouse.

I will be attending important clients that are all over Caracas and the outer areas, and occasionally I'll be spending the whole day out of the city, in towns I have never been before in my life. Luckily I will go with my boss the first couple of months, but of course he'll have other business to attend, as well as other sales coordinators. (Yeah, that'll be my new job title, 'Sales Coordinator').

This is going to be so different than my current job. Right now I spend the whole day in my office, checking emails, making phone calls, and my work is mostly with results that show in the medium to long term. In sales I'll be working to see results on a daily basis, with a different kind of pressure. I'll be dealing with traffic, angry clients, dumb and stupid clients, some smart ones, and trying to satisfy them all. Because after all, I'm representing the company, and that'll for sure help me learn to control my temper.

It will be fun. Also hard. But mostly a learning experience. It will be good bye to casual wear, no more leaving at 3:00 on fridays, and hopefully I'll be able to have lunch at home with my wife at least a couple of days a week, depending on my clients schedule.

I admire the sales people. Their job is tough as hell, and now I'm going to be one of them. That'll make me admire myself even more ;)

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Sunday, June 13, 2004
Shopping for clothes

I need new clothes. Mostly because the new job requires me to dress up better than my usual style (which features colorful, never tucked in shirts, khakis or jeans, and comfortable shoes).

So I came across some cool shirts, and I bought two.

I hate shopping for clothes. I don't mind going with my wife when she wants to buy clothes for her, but when they are for me, I can never seem to find something I really like. I sweat, I walk around the store, I feel all undecided and overwhelmed at the same time. Pants are the worst. I'm not too fat, but I'm not skinny either, and pants are always a problem. If the waist fits, then the legs are too long. And with shirts, I don't like see through materials, and the buttons in the front always seem to be in the wrong places. Either the top one is too high or too low, and I end up looking either like a nerd or with my chest all exposed.

But the shirts I bought today are good. I like 'em.

I think next weekend I'll be buying more clothes, because I'm in need of some serious wardrobe update.

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Inspiration, where have you gone and why have you left me?

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Friday, June 11, 2004
Finally, the weekend is here

This was a long week.

I spent the past three days in a training course. It was very good, all about strategic thinking and planning. It made me feel really intelligent, because I dominated the subject better than everybody else in the room. Maybe because it was the second time I took the course, or maybe because I've actually worked on the subject in the past couple of years, but it felt really good to correct people in front of an audience and show them I know my stuff.

So it was three intense days of training, some yawns, bad food, great laughs, and plenty of chances to convince myself that I'm ready for a larger role in the company. I'm so glad that all I have is two weeks left working with my current boss and managing this category, 'cause I've had it, I can't take it anymore. Every single day I picture my boss being run over by a truck or being struck by lightning. I'm really looking forward to my next assignment in sales.

We went to see The Day After Tomorrow. Willie was right, shit-in-your-pants special effect, with a so-so plot. It's funny how Mexico and "the third world" served as shelter for the refugees. Especially after all Latin American debts were forgiven in return. That alone works as base for an entire movie. I'd like to see a sequel where the day after tomorrow was about that. There were good trailers though. I'm looking forward to the Garfield movie. Now that I know how cats behave, I understand Garfield as a character. So the movie should be good, and the visuals look fine.

This may be the weekend in which I finally go back to photoshop and maybe I'll be entering a contest. The break has been too long now.

I'm tired, yet I'm not sleepy. Actually this is not more than senseless typing, I really have nothing interesting to talk or write about. So I guess that's it for this post. Have a good night, World.

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Wednesday, June 09, 2004
It's finished

Well, here they are, my parents, painted by their super son.

This was harder than I thought it would be, it's the first time I try this, so it was a learning process. I hope I can make more portraits in the future, it was a fun experience.

The portrait:

Image Hosted by

The reference photo (this wasn't the exact one used, but if anyone wants to compare likeness this is good):

Image Hosted by

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Monday, June 07, 2004
The hunt for Depeche Mode

At this point I now have the complete discography of Depeche Mode.

Fifteen albums between those that I already owned and the ones I magically acquired, including the two singles collections from 81 to 85 and 86 to 98. Those are great.

Now I'm on to a higher mission: the remixes. The remixes are, in my opinion, what set this band apart from the rest. They took a great song, and made it even better by adding more beeps and bongs.

My top ten favorite songs of Depeche Mode:

10. Somebody
9. Just Can't Get Enough
8. It's No Good
7. Never Let Me Down Again
6. People Are People
5. Pleasure Little Treasure
4. Strangelove
3. A Question of Time
2. Master and Servant
1. Enjoy The Silence

There are around one hundred remixes of all the singles released from 1981 to 2001. That's gonna be a fun assignment.

Now playing: Depeche Mode - Master and Servant

Oh, and before you say anything, yes, I have Depeche Mode fever these days.

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Sunday, June 06, 2004

I'm having the weirdest feeling. I am not an expert drawing portraits, much less painting them. But I do feel the portraits of my mom and dad are turning out very good. And the feeling that is bugging me is that as I see the painting take shape and more and more likeness, the more it's freaking me out. I'm finding it so bizarre looking at my parents' faces as they take shape, that I can't help feeling strangely odd, almost frightened. I don't think they are photorealistic, but the feeling is there, and I'm having trouble concentrating because it's scary in a strange sort of way.

Hopefull I'll finish the whole thing this week so I can print it out and frame it. I hope they like them.

I'll post the finished work with reference pics at the end of the week.

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The work in progress

What was once though up as a caricature ended up being a portrait.
So far I'm happy with the results, now I'm going to paint my mom next to him.

Image Hosted by

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Saturday, June 05, 2004
I want my money back

There are good movies and bad movies, and then there is Van Helsing. What a waste of our money, I think it's one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

The character of Dracula sucked, all the acting was bad, directing was crap, the script was shit, and it was too long. I give it a rating of minus a thousand stars. At least the special effects and the CGI were decent.

My wife tells me they seem to be planning a sequel by now. But I can't figure out why would Hugh Jackman sign up for this instead of X-Men 3.

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Thursday, June 03, 2004
Father's Day is coming

...and have I bought my dad a present yet? Nope. Because several days ago I came up with the awesome yet stupid idea of making him a special present: a caricature. Because I got skills, I'm a madman when it comes to caricatures!


I've found that it's REALLY hard to make a caricature of my dad. I don't know if it's because my dad doesn't really have special or noticeable facial features, or I'm just afraid of my drawing turning out offensive in any way. I think it's really hard making a caricature of a loved one. Because if someone at work asked me to do a caricature of them, I wouldn't have any problem at all. I make fun of them all the time, so it's not a big issue to continue making fun of them in a drawing.

So anyway, CCZ gave me a couple of links to caricature galleries for me to take reference, and I'm doing the best I can. If I can't come up with a decent caricature, I'm gonna have to go out and buy a real present.

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Wednesday, June 02, 2004
My favorite songs of all time

Finally I decided on what are my top 10 favorite songs of all time. This was harder than I thought it would be...

10. Billy Idol - Dancing With Myself
9. Aerosmith - The Other Side
8. Guns n' Roses - Nightrain
7. Garbage - Stupid Girl
6. Run DMC + Aerosmtith - Walk This Way
5. The Beatles - Yesterday
4. Bjork - Isobel
3. U2 - Walk On
2. U2 - I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
1. Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence

Now playing: The TV

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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

I need to go to the bathroom.

Now playing: Depeche Mode - It Doesn't Matter Two

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